Brow Lift Surgery in Orange County

The aesthetic importance of the eyebrow in facial expression and beauty has been known for centuries. The “ideal” brow position has long been a topic of debate and varies depending upon gender, age, and ethnicity. The youthful brow is a 3D structure that has smooth contours and transitions to the surrounding forehead and temple and naturally reflects light. 

Brow Aging

Age related changes of the brow and upper eyelid are often correlated with expressions of anger, sadness, and/or fatigue. As in other areas of the face, brow aging is the result of dynamic, cumulative changes of the skin, muscle, loss of deep fat compartments and underlying facial skeleton bone loss. 

What is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift or forehead lift is a procedure utilized to elevate the brow’s resting position to a more youthful position. The goal is to achieve a more rested, refreshed appearance to the face and frame for the eye.  It is not uncommon for brow lifting techniques to be combined with other procedures (e.g. eyelid lift, facelift, fat grafting) for the optimal natural aesthetic result.

Benefits of a Brow Lift Procedure:

  • Elevate a lower brow
  • Eliminate/minimize forehead wrinkles
  • Create a more relaxed and refreshed appearance


What is the Ideal Brow Position?

In men, the ideal brow is typically positioned along the superior orbital rim with an even, subtle arch. The ideal female brow is known for its arch which peaks at the lateral aspect of the pupil. It traditionally is positioned higher than the orbital rim with the medial and lateral ends lying approximately at the same horizontal level. However, it is impossible to define an ideal eyebrow suitable for every face. Therefore, the consultation process is of critical importance to determine one’s candidacy for the procedure.

Brow Lift Techniques

There are a number of different techniques that are utilized to elevate the brow. The best technique depends upon a number of factors and the individual patient characteristics. Traditional techniques focused on lifting the brow alone, without addressing the coexistent volume loss. Many times, these approaches would exacerbate the aging process or leave the patient with an unnatural, “surprised” appearance. As understanding of facial aging has progressed, techniques have improved which not only focus on lifting the brow and removing excess tissue, but also restore underlying volume to the face. Dr. Boeckmann tailors your brow lift to what you need and your anatomy.

Common Brow Lift Techniques:

  • Classic Brow lift-The traditional brow lift involves an incision behind the hairline to provide dramatic and predictable lifting of the brow. Disadvantages of this technique include prolonged scalp numbness, elevation of the height of the forehead, and potential scar formation. 
  • Trichophytic brow lift-Variation on the classic brow lift in which an irregular incision is placed at the forehead-hairline junction. This is traditionally used for patients with a high forehead who are not candidates for the other techniques.
  • Endoscopic Brow Lift-Most commonly performed technique today utilizing small incisions in the hairline. Popularized due to faster recovery,  less forehead numbness, bleeding, and scarring compared to traditional techniques. 
  • Direct Brow lift- involves a small incision at the brow to excise skin and elevate the brow. Most commonly used for patients with unilateral facial paralysis with brow ptosis.
  • Midforehead lift-most commonly utilized for men with deep forehead wrinkles and thinning or receding hairline. The incision is placed in a deep forehead crease in order to remove excess skin, manipulate brow muscles, and provide for elevation of the brow. 
  • Lateral Brow lift- similar technique to the endoscopic brow lift used for patients needing isolated elevation of the lateral brow for a more rested brow position and elimination of eyelid hooding. 
  • Fat Grafting/Volume replacement-Can play a major role in correcting depressions and hollows of the forehead and temple to create a softer, fuller, more youthful appearance. 
  • Chemical Brow lift-targeted treatment of Botox® to the muscles responsible for pulling down the brow can relax these muscles and elevate the brow to its normal resting position

What is the Brow Lift Recovery?

Swelling, bruising, and soreness are to be expected after a brow lift, but post-operative instructions and recommended medications will be given to ease any discomfort.  Parts of the scalp will feel weak or “numb” after the brow lift operation. This is to be expected and is usually temporary, although it may take several weeks or months for this to subside. The top of the head may itch or exhibit numbness for 6-12 months.

After your brow lift most patients are able to return to work within 7 to 10 days and are able to return to normal physical activity within 3-6 weeks. You will be advised to sleep with the head of the bed elevated or in a recliner for 1-2 weeks post-op. This helps to minimize swelling. 

Expert Brow Lift in Orange County

Dr. Jacob Boeckmann is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Orange County, CA who specializes exclusively on the face. To learn more about the brow lift procedure in Orange County, contact the office in Laguna Niguel and schedule your private consultation with Dr. Boeckmann.

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