Lip Flip

What is a Lip Flip Treatment?

The lip flip involves precise placement of a few units of Botox to the upper lip muscle which relaxes the muscle and "flips" the lip to make a fuller lip with animation (full smile). The result is a fuller but natural-appearing lip without fillers or other treatments. The Botox lip flip keeps the upper lip from thinning and "disappearing" when you smile. 

Who is the Best Candidate for the Lip Flip?

The best candidates for a lip flip are those patients who feel their upper lip recedes or disappears when smiling or speaking. This is different from a lip dermal filler, as lip filler's goal is to enhance and fill out your lips. In contrast, lip flip treatment uses Botox to project the upper lip slightly upward and outward. One cannot replace the other, instead, they work together to create an overall more filled lip.

Benefits of Lip Flip Treatment

Fuller-looking upper lip

Little downtime/recovery

Less dramatic change to size of lip

Results within 3-7 days

Cost effective alternative to lip filler

Results last on average 3 months

Potential Side Effects from Lip Flip

Fortunately side effects following the lip flip procedure are uncommon. Some patients mays experience bruising and temporary swelling at the injection site, and/or headache and flu-like symptoms (rare) following treatment which might last up to 24 hours. There is also a small risk of smile asymmetry or a "flat, adynanmic lip" appearance with too much Botox to the upper lip. Some patients complain about more difficulty using straws or whistling. Occasionally patients do not experience degree of improvement they would like and need additional intervention with dermal fillers or other treatments. 

Expert Lip Flip Treatments in Orange County

Lip flip treatments are common requests among patients in Orange County. Dr. Boeckmann has extensive experience in providing facial injections having treated thousands of patients. As a double board-certified head and neck and facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Boeckmann has an in-depth understanding of the anatomy of the face. In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Boeckmann is also involved in teaching other physicians and providers the most advanced and up-to-date injecting techniques. 

To learn more about expert lip flip treatments in Orange County with Dr. Boeckmann contact our Laguna Niguel office at 949-273-3112 and schedule your consultation


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