Eye Bag Correction in Orange County

Eye Bag Correction (Lower Blepharoplasty)

Lower eyelid blepharoplasty, a lower eyelid lift, is a procedure to reduce sagging skin and restore a more youthful appearance.  Lower eyelid surgery is typically performed from the inside surface of the eyelid, without any incisions on the skin. This allows fat bulges to be removed or repositioned, and faster healing. However, if excess skin exists on the lower eyelid, a small incision on the outside of the eye near the lash line is used to eliminate excess skin. The incision will be placed near a natural crease so it is hidden and invisible.

The most important issue in this surgical procedure is the delicacy with which it is performed. An incorrectly performed lower eyelid surgery may leave a person looking unnatural. Dr. Boeckmann is a double-board certified facial plastic surgeon who is recognized for surgical excellence and his ability to create a natural look that appears youthful and well rested.

Benefits of lower eyelid blepharoplasty include:

  • Tighter lower eyelid skin
  • Reduced bulging eyelid fat
  • A more rested, youthful, refreshed facial appearance

What is the Recovery after a Lower Blepharoplasty?

Immediately after your procedure, you will be sent home with tape around the eyelid to minimize bruising and swelling. During the initial recovery period, there is very little pain or discomfort, however, you have pain medication to help manage any discomfort. For the first few days, you will be advised to apply cold compresses and keep your head elevated to minimize bruising and swelling. You may also experience some eye dryness and tearing, which frequently resolves within 1-3 days. 

Though each patient is unique, most of our patients are ready to resume work and their normal daily routines within 7-10 days. However, it’s important to continue to avoid any excessive strenuous activity for a full 4-6 weeks to ensure an optimal healing process. Once your recovery is complete, you can expect to see a refreshed and youthful expression. 

Am I a Candidate for Lower Blepharoplasty?

Dr. Boeckmann determines candidacy for all of his patients on an individual basis, after carefully evaluating the cosmetic issues and signs of aging that concern them most. With that said, almost anyone who wants to refresh and rejuvenate aging eyes can be considered a candidate as long as they:

  • Are a non-smoker and in good general health.
  • Are without serious eye conditions or medical conditions that may impair healing.
  • Possess realistic expectations for what eyelid surgery can accomplish.

The only way to know for sure if you are an ideal candidate is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Boeckmann. During that appointment, he will walk you through the procedure and help you determine if it is in your best interest.

Schedule an Eye Bag Consultation in Orange County

If you are considering undergoing eye bag surgery, we invite you to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Jacob Boeckmann. Eyelid surgery, while commonly performed, requires great delicacy and care to produce a natural look. Dr. Boeckmann is a double-board certified facial plastic surgeon who is highly sought after for his natural eye bag correction in Orange County. For more information, call us at 949-273-3112 to set an appointment with Dr. Boeckmann at our private Laguna Niguel facial plastic surgery clinic.

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